CHOICES4LIFE is a 501c3 non profit organization dedicated to restoring honor and dignity to women and children of rape conception founded by Juda Myers.. There is so much shame put on them that they live rejected and not living in their full potential. Some are even suicidal when these mothers should be living as honored heroes that they truly are for saving the life of human baby.

Many mothers are disowned by family or forced to abort their child. Friends are all too eager to tell the mother she doesn't deserve this. But what she doesn't deserve is a world that turns the crime against her rapist into her crime for wanting to keep the baby. The baby is targeted for death when the rapist most of the time goes unnoticed.

While many pro life people say they are against the killing of innocent unborn many support the 'exception" clause excluding rape/incest children from the protection afforded other unborn. This in nothing more than pro choice with a different shirt. Life is life and babies are babies. NO EXCEPTION!

CHOICES4LIFE will be helping educate the public about the real feelings of women who are pregnant through rape. Women who give birth and raise their children may have special needs and too ashamed to ask for help. We will help.

Since women who give birth to children targeted for death should be honored, we ae giving them an official HONOR FOR LIFE award. We aim to eliminate or at least reduce the shame to allow the mother to fulfill her potential in life.

We need your help. Volunteer to share information or help with research. Contact your law makers and tell them NO EXCEPTIONS.

Donate financially.


Thank you and God bless.



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