Ministry Testimonies - Lives Being Touched

While in Nebraska one man came to me after I spoke. He told me he had been "on the fence" about abortion for rape but after hearing my testimony his heart and mind had changed. Not only was he now against it but he was going to be outspoken against it. He realized rape babies are human too!

Derel told me that he had been abused by his mother. At 71 he was still hearing her condemning voice that affected everything he did.She wasn't even living anymore but still this man gave her the power to control him. He bought my book, Hostile Conception Living With Purpose, and 2 weeks later he called me. He was so excited. He said he'd followed the instuctions in the book and now he was completely free! He no longer heard the condemning voice of his mother.

Children in lockdown at a facility in Houston,TX. were given hope and purpose. One girl knew the heartache of not having parental affirmation. She was hopeful knowing that even in situations like mine God is concerned about us. Even she could find hope and comfort in the arms of our loving heavenly father.

Topeka, Kansas women's correctional facility: Women were set free as they symbolically held their unborn children that were aborted. They forgave themselves and accepted the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. They were set free to feel joy and hope again. They may be prisoners in jail but their spirits are now free to follow God.

Lisa M. came from west Texas to visit me. She had 90% of heart not working and beating at 17 beats per min. We prayed and right there God chose to heal her heart completely. But she had also been told she had cancer. Before leaving I talked to her about forgiveness. Her brother along with 6 friends had raped her on her 18th birthday. I told her to call him and tell him she forgave him. (The rape happened 26 yrs earlier) She said she would but didn't know when. She decided however to call him as she drove back. He wasn't receptive at first but she continued to say she had forgiven him. He finally broke down and said he was sorry. Twenty minutes later she had to pull over to the side of the road where she threw up a "grapefruit size, green slime ball." She called me and I knew instantly that this was a manifestation of the cancer that God had removed from her body because she was obedient to forgive her brother. He dr. said that she has a "brand new heart" and is cancer free. He doesn't know how that happened but we do!!!

A woman with depression listened to my CD, God is Faithful and her depression lifted.

"The book, (Hostile Cnception Living With Prupose) ten being the highest, a ten. I love everything from it. I recommended to a cousin of mind that doesn't think abortion hurts women so she can see and understand,respect life more. Words can't not explain how awsome it was for the Lord to have known you. May God allow you to keep on being the salt of the earth." Patricia G.

A woman wrote to me: I was abandoned in a crib and left to die at the age of 2... I was put up for adoption and adopted a 3 after one yr of foster care.My life was not without alot of abuse and pitfalls. I appreciate greatly, your willingness to share your heart with me, and I look forward to getting to know you more.WAR CRY, that song is AWESOME, well actually they ALL are awesome.Certain songs ,just really bring out the warrior in me. War Cry does that for me.

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