Testimonies of VICTORIOUS LIVING - Jessica

Beautiful Child Conceived in rape.

Jessica's story:(Adoptive mom on left and Jessica on right)
I was raped in February 2006 staying late and making up a class at my culinary school. I tried abortion. Key word, TRIED. I keep seeing childless families in my head as I lay there on that table, alone. I sat up and said no, I can't do this, this is wrong. All the abortionist said was that that was just the gas talking. I still said no and I got up and called my ride. I moved back home because I couldn't bring myself to go back to school.

I went home and knew I couldn't parent. If love were enough that would be one thing. I still had to finish getting my education. I was only 20 when it happened. I didn't want to have to work 3 jobs to raise her and not be at her recitals, baseball games, all of it that my mom missed out on trying to make ends meet. Don't get me wrong I love my momma and appreciate everything she has done for me. anyways..

I now have a beautiful baby girl who is not only the light of my world, but the light of her parents world!
But God too has touched my heart and healed me. I have forgiven that man and I pray that someone on in his path will give him the Good News Gospel!
I just got done with Bible College and I am on my way to California to do an internship at an AG church. I am also starting school to be a licensed Christian pastoral counselor.

My favorite scripture comes from Isaiah 61:3 He gives us BEAUTY for ashes!What was meant to destroy me (I tried to kill myself a couple of times) was turned around and when the devil takes one from me, I turn around and take 2 for the Kingdom of Light!

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