Testimony - Karen Blake

Karen Blake also conceived in rape.
Mother of one adoptive son

I was always told I was adopted by my parents. I never really had any questions. All they knew was my birthmom had blonde hair, blue-green eyes, was 28 (but had actually turned 29, 5 days before I was born) Scotch-Irish. My husband and I started adopting our child (boy now l7 years old), through DePelchin Childrens Center in the year l987 or l988. We got approved in one year, then we had to wait. Our son was born April 29, l992. It was during that time I started to ask my parents more questions than I ever had. I did not have any pictures. I was adopted privately and was born April l4, l955. I did not know anything. As a little girl, my imagination thought that my Birthmother had too many children and could not keep me. That is just what I thought.

My adoptive Parents died both in l994, within 5 months of each other. I was an only child. Upon looking through some documents, I found my adoption decree with another name on it. My mother in law is into genealogy. She told me after my Mom and Dad died, that the last name on my adoption decree would be my Birthmom's last name. Anyway, I also found a piece of paper that my adoptive Mom had wrote three women's names on it - one of those being my Birthmother.

I did not know how to look up information on that. I had to get an attorney to handle practically two estates, due to the time length of their deaths so close. My attorney for the estate referred me to a private eye. With the help of my adoptive Mom's names of three women, they found my mom in less than three weeks. I was standing in the line at an Eckerd's getting some medication for my son which was sick and they called. I just started balling from excitement. Everyone in the line at pharmacy at Eckerds (in Houston) asked if I was okay. I told them a private detective had found my birthmom and everyone was so excited for me. I told people in the line my parents had died in l994. Well this was August l996.

I called her and we both cried and talked for hours upon hours. She like me, did not know how to find or look up each other. It was so funny, she was living in Spring Branch neighborhood and I had grown up in Northwest section of Houston. We talked and talked forever. I was about to have a hystorectomy surgery like maybe a week later. Then I could not drive. Anyway, my Husband and I and my son went to meet her and it was wonderful.

She had re-married, both of her husbands had died. So she had another last name. She had been date raped by someone she worked with at her company. She did not believe in abortion, but she knew God would find her baby a good home. I was her only child.

She lives in a nursing home in Houston. We go and see her all the time. I still don't know anything about my Birthfather. When my Birthmom, my Birthaunt and myself get together, you can see we are all relatives, we have the same nose, and same mouth and same face features.

It was truly a blessing to find her. I love her very much.

- Karen C Blake

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