These links are only made available to you as an FYI.  I may not endorse everything in each site but I have found something useful and would like to pass that on to you.  You must determine for yourself if it is of benefit.  If it useful to you God bless and if not please email me with your comments. If you have a link that you think should be added please send it to me.

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Survivors of Abortion
Amazing stories of life against the odds.
Las Vegas, Nevada Over 200 babies saved per month. Unbelievable! They really love people.
Endowment for Human Development,improving lifelong health one pregnancy at a time
Decisions,Choices &Options Decisions, Choices & Options has spoken to over 25,000 teens about the positive outcomes of infant adoption.
Lots of valuable info, videos, music and more.
See the video of the baby in the womb during surgery that grabbed the doctor's finger.
Pregnancy Resource Center of Fort Bend County, TX
Dangers of Smoking During Pregnancy by Karin A. Bilich ... puts babies life at risk with 2.500 chemicals, nicotine, etc.

Professional Coaching for Pregnancy Centers

Pictures, scientific and medical field endorsements
The Baby is here. Now What ?
Benifits and other info breastfeeding
Discount diapers and more
Pro Life Organizations
Changing hearts. Changing lives. Great material to educate without mention of religion for those who might want to take the facts into schools.I highly recommend this group.
Serving the needs of the pro life movement. Great resources for educating the public or schools.
The best place for tshirts, books, fundraising supplies. Everything you can imagine and more.
Aimed at building a grassroots base of supporters to help stem abortions in America.
Great stories of those who survived after being aborted
People coming together to defend the defenseless.
LDI produces a wide range of products designed to help the pro-life side win.
Life Talk is a monthly pro-life tv program with latest news on the abortion battle. Newest DVD MAAFA describes Planned Parenthood target on blacks and minorities.940.380.8800
Our objective is to have every minute of one entire year covered in prayer to end abortion.
See how our leaders really are on there stand for life.
Judie Brown is woman of great integrity and boldly stands for the right of the unborn.
Youth Outreach of the Pro-Life Action League (773) 304-LIFE
Great website for up the minute news on life issues.
Other stories worth knowing
Conceived in Rape and cancer survivor. Her book: Trip Into Miracle
Videos Worth Seeing
His mother was told to abort him.
Aborted in a saline solution and delivered alive.
Check out the videos on this page
Almost aborted in China because of limitation on number of children
World Orphanages
Reaches orphans of AIDS, poverty, and abandonment or children with parents too sick to care for them. Pastor Dongo is Ugandan and a very good personal friend of mine. Also has a 5-story school built recently with donations.
Saving the Orphaned Children of India, One Child at a Time! Ministering to the Widows - Exhorting Area Pastors
Caring for orphans and impoverished children with faith and constructing orphan homes and widows through specialized programs.
Outreach to displaced families in despair because of violence. Smart Nakuru organization is native operated.
Other Ministries
An organization making a big difference around the world. Help them help others.
In Jesus Name Ministries, Inc. - Brenda Schaunaman, a healing ministry, Ministers the "light" of God, In Jesus Name.
Diana Radabough. She knows about miracles.
Dr. Phil Goldfetter, Jewish nuerosurgeon who found Messiah & a different kind of healing power. He has seen more healings through the power of God than through medical proceedures. Free healing consultation: 1-803-644-4854 OR 1-877-288-9933 Pin Number 6485
Magazines and Books
Heartbeat Magazine. Juda writes an article each month online called Consider This.
Designs by Koonce - A graphic arts and videography, web site design for families as well as businesses.
Music and Arts
Heavy Bass Records - Full service music production
Tate Music Group ( Juda is signed with them)
Connie Houser, emotionally and spiritually charged art
Radio and TV Stations:
Today's Radio For Life - Music and Talk Radio
Candace House hosts an interesting talk show Mon nights at 6pm
A worldwide ministry of music and God's word to the youth as well as adults. Powerful!
TV with amazing stories of life and survival.
Only pro life radio in Southern Nevada Voice of Life program with Pam Caylor
90.1 KAJC FM - Christian Radio
Contemporary Gospel Music
Everything that is taking place in the global movement to restore human dignity and respect for every human being on the planet.
Sharecropper On-line Radio - Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world in music and spoken word.
Watchman Broadcasting-Christian station in Augusta,GA.

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