What A Difference A Life Can Make: Brandi Lozier, Abortion Survivor
Juda Myers 2010
Brandi Lozier & Democrat La. Senator Sharon Westin Broome(author of the Ultrasound Before Abortion Act)

The La. Ultrasound Before Abortion Act was passed in the La. Senate on May 19, 2010. Brandi Lozier played an important part in getting that passed. Brandi is not only an abortion survivor but one who chose to abort her rape conceived child. She was told that it would be the best thing for her to do. Even though she knew the personal horror of the consequences of abortion to the child.. While most people would ask. 'How could she possibly do that after she was aborted', I ask "Does deception exempt anyone?" I think that is what deception is: not knowing truth.

Brandi braved rejection, humiliation and attack to prevent other women from knowing the hurt she endured. Brandi has suffered greatly in her life but she is an overcomer. Taking her chances she stood before the Health and Welfare Committee in the Louisiana state capital on April 28, 2010 to give her testimony of how abortion hurts women. Senator Butch Geautreaux said he didn't want to be responsible for adding to the trauma of a woman that had been raped by showing her a sonogram. Brandi spoke up crying, saying that had she seen her baby in a sonogram that baby would be alive today.

There is no trauma greater than realizing you have killed the only child you could ever have.

La. Democrat Senator Butch Geautreaux

The La. Ultrasound Before Abortion Act was passed in the La. Senate on May 19, 2010. But Senator Geautreaux tried once again to get an "exception" in there. Senator Sharon Westin Broome reminded him of Brandi's testimony and stated there would be no exceptions. Now the bill has to be passed in La. House. Also Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, a New Orleans Democrat, opposed the bill with false accusations that it would force women to see and pay for the ultrasound. Women will not be forced to see the sonogram but will be able to choose. Planned Parenthood is known for not allowing women to see their sonogram. Now they will truly have a choice. Statistics from Focus on the Family say that 84 percent of women that view sonograms give birth to their babies.

September 12, 1983 a child was thrown into a pan for disposal. When the nurse came back to "take out the garbage" she screamed. This child was not dead as intended from the abortion just performed. She would defy her would be killer and many others who would say her life was worthless. Brandi's aunt had waited, praying in the outer room. But when she heard the scream she rushed in and called 911. Brandi would survive but not without great struggle.

She has Cerebral Palsy from the abortion but has found miraculous healing physically and emotionally.She tells about the time that she went from a wheelchair to braces. Then when she was six her home bound teacher brought her a walker. But Brandi determined she'd had enough. She laughs as she says, "I threw that walker in the ditch and took off the braces and started walking." She says she walked bent over for years but one day received healing and stood straight up ever since. This young woman has known satanic ritual abuse, incest, child abuse and rape but she is still trying to help others.

Most days you can find Brandi at the Louisiana state capital with her mouth covered with red tape and the word LIFE written on it. She stands with Bound4Life and the silenced unborn. Her driving desire is to see abortion ended.

Brandi and Nikela Pradier from 90.8 Dallas area Christian radio.

May 11, 2010 truly was a sad day for America, Texas and Houston. When murderers are celebrated we are certainly void of any sense of humanness.It was said that eight babies died that first day the facility opened in Houston.Yet it is those very people who revel in their ability to process death to the unborn at unbelievable rates who say that the unborn are not human. They fight so hard to keep the ability to kill those innocent babies but I never hear them fighting to save a life so that a childless couple can have a "planned parenthood". No, instead they prevent women in some cases to ever have children again.

So Brandi and millions of other women are lied to and fall for the deception of "Planned Parenthood" being an organization that is concerned about women's health. Brandi's health both emotionally and physically were compromised forever. She is now sterile because of her abortion. I saw the trauma she still endures when the anniversary of that horrible day, the life of her baby girl was ended.

On May 20, 2010 was really the day Planned Parenthood celebrated their opening with a catered event. Brandi was reaching out once again standing at the gates of death at the Houston facility.. It was their official ribbon cutting and rumor had it that they were going to have another event that night. Coalition For Life invited Brandi to speak at the gathering. This day was a difficult one for her having to remember her own abortion 7 years ago this month. That is the recurring trauma that isn't told to a woman before she has that abortion. There is no turning back.

Brandi strives to let everyone know that abortion is never a solution. She is passionate and sometimes seems to overflow with emotion wanting to save babies and their mothers. While it is difficult for me to even comprehend that kind of pain I do understand her drive knowing God has a purpose for each and everyone of us. She knows that not always delivering perfection but always with a sincere heart.
Brandi is available for any event to share her story.
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