Juda Myers

Conceived in rape this international speaker, singer/songwriter, author, decorative/fine artist, wife, mother and grandmother is most importantly a lover of God and people. Her traumatic beginning has not stopped her. She first learned of her conception in 2003 without details and in 2005 upon meeting her birthmother found out it was 8 men that had raped her mother. It could have destroyed her knowing this.However, Juda instead shares a contagious joy and purpose for living.  Eager to talk to anyone about how believing the truth, which is NOT relative, will set you free. Just having it somewhere in the back of our mind does not set us free. Her own testimony compels her to reach out to those suffering from despair and hopelessness.

That's why Juda founded CHOICES4LIFE. Each time she speaks publicly one or more women come to her sharing their own rape conception story. Almost everyone has said "I wish there had been help for me" Without even knowing there wasn't anything like it, Juda was determined to help women pregnant after rape or raising those children. Not only with physical needs through the non profit foundation, Juda also helps with emotional and spiritual, addressing the whole person. Since 2011 CHOICES4LIFE has helped women around the world & united them.

Juda has been inspiring people wherever she is whether in the grocery, in auditoriums, or street corners. "People need to know they are loved. And maybe that's the only time they'll ever hear that they are loved. I don't want to miss any opportunity."

Past audiences include Harvard, the United Nations, churches, legislators, pregnancy center banquets and international audiences. Too many people don't understand rape conception. The myths and stigma are tremendous. Mothers want and love their babies conceived in rape. They want society and friends and family to know that. With a dynamic powerpoint presentation complete with video and original songs sung by Juda no audience leaves the same. Sometimes funny sometimes intense but always memorable the presentations are geared to each specific audience. Sometimes deeply thought provoking Juda's words and songs will leave her audience with the power to choose and live life, for themselves and for others.

Juda strives to help mothers and children of rape conception while educating society. Her story says 'If God can use her He can use me.' Her words are "I was conceived in the mind of God not the loins of man because Jeremiah 1:5 says Before I formed you in the womb I knew you."
Within seconds of hearing Juda speak you realize her determination to make a difference.   She exposes the destroying voices we all hear. Yes we all hear them but we don't have to believe them.  We must make the right choices to get the right results. No topic is off limits, unless we're talking nuclear physics!  Socially and logically, Juda challenges everyone to a different way of thinking.She knows how powerful words are and uses them to spur her audience on to love and to do good.  Her CD has given everyone a chance to be encouraged through powerful words and music that makes you want to move.
Juda has been a spokesperson for Voice of the Martyrs as well independent speaker of encouragement,  but has spent 20 years as a decorative artist working in famous homes such as Dusty Hill of ZZTOP and Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell.  She has recreated aged Tuscan walls and also created her own original commissioned artwork.  Juda loves to be creative and is now creating contagious joy with her testimony and songs. After many requests for her to write a book, Hostile Conception,Living With Purpose!, was published March 2009. She had been praying that God would use her to touch many lives and He has answered her prayers.

Drawing from all that she has learned through experience and truth Juda is a great candidate for any group, secular or church organization needing a spark of life with thought provoking hope and encouragement. Any age group will enjoy her delivery and truth remains the same.

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