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Let Washington Know You Are Pro Life Because the Opposition is Speaking Loudly

President Barack Obama is applauded as he signs the healthcare reform bill, Tuesday, March 23, 2010 in the East Room of the White House in Washington.Charles Dharapak/AP

Well the executive order wasn't even mentioned. Bart Stupak's resignation will not right the wrongs he's done.

Just keep calling Capital Switchboard:

Have your talking points ready: No amnesty and no abortion funding in the healthcare bill.
Let your voice be heard. Because someone else is trying to talk for you and you're not going to like it.


Personhood compaign
is now in 37 states and growing. Please join to make NO EXCEPTIONS for abortion. Let ALL life conceived live. Stand with me and thousands of others pushing forward for life. Click here to find out more or start your own compaign in your state. Click for another very imformative site.
192 women were interviewed by Julie Makama
and consistently the ones who aborted regretted their choice and suffered mentally. The women who gave birth healed much faster and never regretted giving life to an innocent child.

Know The Science Supporting Human Life at Conception

I love it when God shows off through science. People who have to see it to believe are now getting their wish. Doctors as well as scientists are coming to the realization that human life is at conception. Duh! I am sorry but what else could we be at conception. The DNA shows the physical person we will become, from how tall we will be to how many freckles we might have. Never has a embryo conceived by two humans developed into a cat or dog or anything else for that matter. So for those who just have to have scientific findings there are many to observe.

Did you know that in 1860 Haeckel created drawings that were a fraud hoping to convince people that all embryoes started out the same. Turkeys, salamanders, fish and humans were drawn as embryoes to all look the same. But even in those years he was exposed as a fraud. So why did my son in 1997 come home after school telling me that all embryoes were the same? I had no idea and no arguement. Why was this lie still perpetrated in a modern science book? There is an agenda to erase God. So some will try to erase the evidence or create fraudulent information to lead others away from the truth. Too much evidence exists today to really say we are not human at conception.

The late world renown geneticist, Jerome LeJuene said, " I see no difference in who you were at concoeption and who you are now. You were and are a human being." He saw life from the very basic form and without a doubt saw a human being at conception. Some people fight against truth because they don't want to be accountable to anyone. If there is a God then we are accountable to Him. If a person deceives him/herself they can pretend they are in charge of their own life.

It is a wonderful thing when eyes are opened to see the truth and the brain and heart accept it!
Frank Tipler (Professor of Mathematical Physics): "When I began my career as a cosmologist some twenty years ago, I was a convinced atheist. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that one day I would be writing a book purporting to show that the central claims of Judeo-Christian theology are in fact true, that these claims are straightforward deductions of the laws of physics as we now understand them. I have been forced into these conclusions by the inexorable logic of my own special branch of physics." Note: Tipler since has actually converted to Christianity, hence his latest book, The Physics Of Christianity.

Antony Flew (Professor of Philosophy, former atheist, author, and debater) "It now seems to me that the findings of more than fifty years of Deoxyribonucleic acid: the chemical inside the nucleus of a cell that carries the genetic instructions for making living organisms.DNA research have provided materials for a new and enormously powerful argument to design."

One site that offers information is Science for the Unborn Human Life . They point out that in Williams Obstetrics (20th edition, p 151, 1997), "The status of the unborn child has been elevated to that of a patient, who, in large measure, can be given the same meticulous care that obstetricians provide pregnant women". This view is consistent with that expressed by William J. Larsen, Ph.D. in Essentials of Human Embryology,(p 317, 1998), "The extreme speed with which both our under- standing of human biology and our clinical practices are advancing affects a new category of patient: the unborn fetus." In further support of this view, Jan G. Nijhuis, M.D., Ph.D, editor of Fetal Behaviour: Developmental and Perinatal Aspects, (p xix, 1992), considers human life to include the time from conception to birth. writes

What does this "lump of tissue" look like?
So, what do doctors find when they do abortions? A lump of tissue? An amorphous blob? Below is a description of what the abortionist must look for to make sure that he has removed the entire fetus: Dr. David Brewer, a former abortionist described his first encounter with abortion, while training at a clinic. He recalled going to a clinic "to learn about abortion. After all, abortion was just applying the technique of a D&C to a woman who was in a little different stage - she was pregnant." And so the young resident did as he was told: He watched the material come down the plastic tube and emptied the reddish contents of the little bag onto a blue towel - to make sure the doctor had gotten it all:
"I opened the sock up and I put it on the towel and there were parts in there of a person. I'd taken anatomy; I was a medical student. I knew what I was looking at. There was a little scapula [shoulder blade] and there was an arm, and I saw some ribs and a chest, and I saw a little tiny head, and I saw a piece of a leg, and I saw a tiny hand. ... I checked it out and there were two arms and two legs and one head, etc., and I turned and said, I guess you got it all ... It was pretty awful that first time... it was like somebody put a hot poker into me."
If women (and their male sexual partners) had to examine the results of their abortions,7 there would be a lot fewer abortions in the world. As long as the fetus is just a "blob of tissue" abortion will continue to be widely practiced. This is why abortion advocates oppose any attempts to provide women with scientific, unbiased information on fetal development. Ignorance is bliss. Feticide is legal.

What do abortionists say about what is aborted?
Many abortionists readily admit that abortion is the killing of a living being. Here are a few examples:

  • "We know that it is killing, but the states permit killing under certain circumstances." Dr. Neville Sender, founder of Metropolitan Medical Service, an abortion clinic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • "If I see a case...after twenty weeks, where it frankly is a child to me, I really agonize over it because the potential is so imminently there...On the other hand, I have another position, which I think is superior in the hierarchy of questions, and that is "who owns this child?" It's got to be the mother." Dr. James MacMahon, who performs D&X (also known as Partial Birth) abortions.
  • "When you do a D & C most of the tissue is removed by the Olden forceps or ring clamp and you actually get gross parts of the fetus out. So you can see a miniature person so to speak, and even now I occasionally feel a little peculiar about it because as a physician I'm trained to conserve life and here I am destroying life." Dr. Benjamin Kalish, abortionist.8
Conclusion Top of pageThe science of embryology tells us that human beings develop rapidly after fertilization of the egg. In fact, since the heart of the fetus begins to beat by 24 days, virtually all abortions (other than "emergency contraception") stop a beating heart. In fact, since most abortion occur between 4-6 weeks, they also destroy a functioning brain. Even modern embryology textbooks agree that human life begins at conception. Since abortion ends human life, one must ask the question whether abortion is justifiable homicide or murder.

So the choice to deny human life is truly a choice. But I dare say that one human should not have the right to kill another simply based on convenience. That is what aboriton is. A convenient death.

For those who have had an abortion and now realize it was indeed a human life there is comfort knowing that forgiveness from God is available. He is faithful to forgive because Jesus came to earth as a man to take on the sins and wrongs of the world. He paid the penalty and is offering that payment to all of us. It isn't fair that He had to take on the world's crimes but He willingly passes that unfairness to us. We don't deserve it anymore than He deserved to die but when we accept His gift we are free from all the guilt of our past and live in power for the future with Him. If you are guilty(no one has ever been free from guilt without Him) then ask for forgiveness and know the freedom in Him.

You can call me if you need someone to walk through this with you. 281.451.8460
God bless you to have your eyes opened to the truth. Science aknowledges God. Will you? Take action now. Ask God to reveal Himself and truth to you. He wants a relationship with you because He made you on purpose.


The Freedom of Choice Act is abortion on demand any time any reason. So many lives are already lost through abortion with restrictions. Can you imagine how many will die with NO restrictions? Please do your part to help the next possible hero live.

Pray and Fast to End Abortion
… some ended this on November 1. Please don't stop praying and fasting for the lives of the unborn and the heart of America.
Keep up with the 40 Days for Life fall campaign – every day

You might be the one that is the reason a new life is saved. I thank you in advance for standing for saving lives like mine.

Planned Parenthood Director Quits.

Abby Johnson of Bryan, Texas worked at Planned Parenthood for 8 years until she assisted with an abortion by holding the sonogram while the abortion was being performed. She dropped the instrument in shock and then caught herself and retrieved the instrument thinking, "I just thought I can't do this anymore, and it was just like a flash that hit me and I thought that's it," said Jonhson. A restraining order was filed on Johnson by Planned Parenthood who said," Rochelle Tafolla, a Planned Parenthood spokesperson issued the following statement: "We regret being forced to turn to the courts to protect the safety and confidentiality of our clients and staff, however, in this instance it is absolutely necessary." But the court dismissed it.

Johnson said she was told to bring in more women who wanted abortions, something the Episcopalian church goer recently became convicted about."I feel so pure in heart (since leaving). I don't have this guilt, I don't have this burden on me anymore that's how I know this conversion was a spiritual conversion."

Read the original article here.

Forgiveness is always a choice. But some may not know how to actually implement that forgiveness. Do you say it or do you do something? It is both.through Jesus Christ you can do all things. Really. If you do not know Jesus personally I invite you to simply ask Him to take over your life. Ask Him to forgive you of all the things you have done first and then it will be easy to understand forgiveness as you walk through that towards others. He took the punishment on the cross for ALL of our wrongs so that we could forgive others too.
No matter how horrible the offense against you it is a choice that starts in your mind. And with Jesus in your mind, heart and soul you will be amazed at the freedom you'll find.
Steps to forgiving:
Write your offender's name and offense on a piece of paper.
1. Speak it out. "I forgive ____ for _____.
2. Crumble the paper in your hand and throw it away as a gesture of your forgiveness.
3. Train your thoughts to say "I have forgiven." each time you start thinking about the offense. This is the hardest part and may require moment by moment training. Repeated actions promote habit. Trade those anger and victim thoughts for freedom thoughts. Recognize the burden is no longer yours.
4. If you happen to see the offender be pleasant.(In the case of sexual offenses protect yourself physically without being sucked into the emotional fear and anger again)Remind your self you have forgiven and relax.
5. For someone who has already died, simply follow steps 1-3.

If your thoughts tell you that you are a hypocrit because you don't "feel it", let me remind you that you can't possibly do or not do all that you feel. You don't feel like working, but if you don't you won't eat. If you feel like running into someone with your car you certainly will NOT do it because you know the consequences. Forgiveness is the same way. We must realize the consequences of unforgiveness is physical as well as mental illness. Forgiveness is for the offended more than for the offender.
I know that the Lord Jesus Christ is waiting to help you. May He bless you with a free heart and mind!

Boycott Girls Scouts

If you'd rather not have your daughter targeted for a lesson in masturbating or how to have "different kinds of sex" then you might want to keep her far away from The Girl Scouts. They held a meeting for young girls at the United Nations Conference on the Status of Women March 11, 2010. No adults were allowed inside. I was there and many people were saying that couldn't be good. Turned out that Planned Parenthood accosted the girls mentally with its brochure and teaching on sex. They have targeted in the past, children as young as five to be sexually active. This should not be allowed. Child abuse is still a crime in this country but seems like some organizations are exempt. Here is what Miriam Grossman, M.D. had to say at the United Nations Conference on the Status of Women in her presentation entitled, "When Sex Education is Harmful: A physician's evidence-based critique of human sexuality education." 03-08-10_Dr_Grossman Family Watch International Sharon Slater has shared the video with us. Sharon Slater is president of Family Watch International and is very concerned about the agenda and force by which International Planned Parenthood Federation. It was the U.K. Planned Parenthood that actually contributed the pamphlets at the U.N. Right now this IPPF is actually giving grants in the amount of $3000 to $10,000 in a "competition for young IPPF volunteers to submit proposals for small scale projects or activities that empower young women and girls and promote positive approaches to young people's sexuality." The grants will cover activities over a period of six months, starting in May 2010.

Again I ask what is the big deal to activate a child's sexuality? There is even talk about taking away the "taboo" of incest. These people are striving for an anything goes sexuality. Sodom and Gomorrah probably could learn from the variety of sexual acts.

Sexual trauma can last a lifetime. I can tell you that being molested at six years old, even though I experienced no physical pain, altered my life. My healing came with my identity in Jesus Christ not in my ability to have sex in any way I desired. Parents need to protect their children. There are preditors that don't look like "dirty old men" and are infiltrating even the safest places we know. Children don't need to be taught to want sex. We don't have to be taught that sex at that age is wrong. We already know it. It feels wrong for a reason. We weren't designed to have sex at that age. But some people want to destroy that natural instinct of protection.

Know what your child is being taught anywhere you take them. The YMCA has also joined to co-moderate events that are not condusive to healthy minds and bodies. Please don't allow just any program, no matter how good they look, to take your child. Ask your child what is being said and demand to see the curriculum.

Our children are our future.Protect them.Call Girl Scouts today and tell them you don't want them teaching your girls to have promiscuous and irresponsible sex. Our girls don't deserve to be mentally molested by Planned Parenthood or anyone else.
Take Action now.

Girl Scouts of the USA
420 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10018-2798

Phone:(800) GSUSA 4 U [(800) 478-7248] or (212) 852-8000
Email: You can Email them

Baby's Life Saved through Faces of Abortion Call
I tell you this so you too will want to volunteer at your local pregnancy center. Be a hero. Save a life!

The Justice Foundation
Declaration Count 4,400+
July 17, 2009
There's somebody I want you to meet. His name is Jack.
In our fight for Life and Justice, we celebrate every life saved by ringing a bell in our office. Recently we rang the bell upon hearing of another baby's life saved -- and this one came with pictures for us to enjoy!
Jack's mother was considering abortion until she saw our Faces of Abortion TV show -- available in thirty million U.S. homes through Sky Angel and Dish Network. After seeing and hearing the powerful testimonies of women harmed by abortion, Jack's birth mom called the National Helpline for Abortion Recovery, operated by Millie Lace and Concepts of Truth.The female counselor on the Helpline had experienced abortion herself and encouraged Jack's birth mother to consider adoption, referring her to the nearest pregnancy center, which was Millie Lace's own center in Wynne, Arkansas! There the loving choice of adoption was explained fully.At the same time, a prospective adoptive family had adopted five years before and their little girl was praying for "a brother of her own color."

Baby Jack and his big sister
Jack and his sister - she loves her new brother!

The birth mom met the family through the help of Concepts of Truth and their attorney arranged the adoption. When it was time for Jack's birth, Concepts of Truth staff were present to encourage the mother at the hospital, and the adoptive parents also came, excited about their new son.The Adoptive Family with Baby Jack
The Adoptive Family with Baby Jack
The birth mother chose Life and Baby Jack now has a loving home in part because of your support of The Justice Foundation and the television program Faces of Abortion. The show triggers women in unplanned pregnancies to call for help after hearing of the pain caused by abortion, and we regularly hear stories similar to Jack's.

Concepts of Truth's National Helpline for Abortion Recovery played a huge role in saving baby Jack's life. Every episode of Faces of Abortion and all of our literature refers women to the National Helpline. This is a separate and independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose work we have periodically supported with contributions of our own. They need your help, too, and we ask you to please prayerfully consider making a donation to them at this time by going to their website
I wanted to share these pictures with you, so that you can also rejoice for what the Lord is accomplishing through you and The Justice Foundation. We thank you for your support and we urge you to continue to support prolife work, because every life saved is precious.
Allan E. Parker, Jr.
President, The Justice Foundation
P.S. Please keep baby Jack and his new family in your prayers! Operation Outcry is a ministry of The Justice Foundation that seeks to end legalized abortion through the gathering of legally admissible testimonies of women and men harmed by abortion. The Justice Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law, less the value of goods or services received.

Sidewalk Counseling Thousands of children are alive today because the Pro-Life Action League was there at the moment of crisis. They care about the women being exploited by the abortion industry as well as the innocent babies being killed. That's why they're there on the sidewalk outside abortion facilities.

Last Chance To Save a Life

Sidewalk counseling is exactly what the name implies—standing on the sidewalk outside an abortion clinic, counseling women and couples on their way inside. It is a last attempt to turn their hearts away from abortion and offer real help.Click here to find out more Watch the video "No Greater Joy"—Sidewalk Counseling

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